Who We Are?

Discover the Essence Behind the Festival: A Story of Over 30 Editions in Brazil and Now in Europe – Transforming Lives Through Chocolate and Cacao

Since it's inception in 2009, in the picturesque city of Ilhéus, in Bahia, Brazil, the Chocolat Festival has blossomed into a phenomenon that is now the largest event in Latin America dedicated to Cacao and Chocolate. With over 30 editions and the incredible milestone of more than 1 million visitors, the Festival has spread to various cities in Brazil and in 2022 crossed oceans to enchant Porto, Portugal.

Since 2020, Porto has been home to one of the world's largest Chocolate and Cacao museums, The Chocolate Story. This Museum is not only and educational and academic reference but also a true factory of magic, providing a complete immersion into the world of chocolate. The Chocolate Story has become the epicenter of this unique event, elevating Porto to an international platform in the world of Cacao and Chocolate.

Chocolat Portugal's mission is to create a direct connection between all links in the production chain and the end consumer. This event aims to introduce the people behind the products, expand knowledge about cacao-derived delights, and promote industries, agribusiness, tourism and gastronomy.

Chocolate is a universal language that appeals to all ages. At Chocolat Portugal, cacao producers and chocolate makers stand side by side to share their passions and knowledge with the final audience. This symbiotic relationship strengthens the bonds between them and ensures the quality and authenticity of every bite.

Chocolat Portugal is the magical meeting point between the realms of Cacao and Chocolat. It takes place in the art of the cultural quarter - WOW, offering an unparalleled experience. Visitors have access to a vast and diverse array of unique and immersive ways to enjoy themselves. Here, experiences are as varied as the flavors of chocolate, and every moment is precious.

Remember: Chocolate makes everything better! Come and experience the magic of Chocolat Portugal and immerse yourself in a world of taste and discovery.