Uncover Flavors by the Masters: Get to Know the Chefs, Speakers, and Brands You’ll Encounter at Chocolat Portugal 2023!


María Jiménez

María Jiménez was born and raised on a coffee farm in Costa Rica, where she graduated in Agricultural and Environmental Law and Project Management for Development.

Helen López

The Director of the Chocolate School in Madrid, she is a passionate cocoa enthusiast. She specializes in transforming cocoa into chocolate and is also a gastronomy journalist with expertise in the world of cocoa and chocolate.

Rogério Kamei

With a blend of Japanese and Bahian sertão in his DNA, Rogério Kamei is a renowned expert in the chocolate market and represents the third generation of cocoa producers in the country.

Ricardo Campos

Talented and award-winning, Ricardo Campos is recognized as one of the great names in Brazilian pastry. With achievements such as Best Pastry Chef at the Baker Top Padaria 2000 award and winner of the Best Cake and Best Chocolate Snack categories during the South American stage of the World Chocolate Masters in 2014.

Ricardo Costa

Executive Chef Ricardo Costa is a fervent advocate of Portuguese gastronomy, skillfully presenting Portugal’s finest through locally sourced, seasonal and traditional recipes, all prepared with a contemporary twist and innovative methods. In 2007, he became Head Chef in London and later earned his first Michelin Star at Restaurant Largo do Paço in Amarante, solidifying his position as Portugal’s youngest Michelin-starred chef.

Pedro Araújo

Pedro Martins Araújo is a master chocolate maker born in Viseu, Portugal. Pedro has worked in restaurants around the world, where he learned about different culinary cultures and various techniques. In 2020, he launched his chocolate brand, Vinte Vinte, along with his museum.

David Guimarães

Technical Director and Head Winemaker, he represents the sixth generation of Guimarães to be involved in the Port business. David has several extraordinary wines to his credit and is regarded as one of the most gifted winemakers in the Port industry.

Maria Manuel Aranha Ferreira

Renowned Brandy Ambassador of Adega Velha, Maria holds a profound passion for the art and heritage of brandy production. Maria’s ability to discern subtle notes, comprehend flavor interactions, and enhance unique sensory experiences makes her the ideal guide for orchestrating a perfect brandy and chocolate pairing in a special workshop.

Julien Montbabut

A distinguished chef holding a Michelin star, Julien is the culinary mastermind behind the delights of Le Monument restaurant at Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace. Hailing from Paris, Julien brought his passion for haute cuisine to Porto, where he found a new home and achieved remarkable success.

Pedro Pires de Lima Guerreiro

A dynamic entrepreneur and business leader with a passion for the world of wine. As the Founder of WINE TALES, he has created a platform that celebrates the art and stories behind each bottle, connecting enthusiasts to the rich tapestry of winemaking. Board Member at ANJE and Guest Lecturer in the MBA program at ISAG.

Joana Thöny-Montbabut

Talented pastry chef of the prestigious Le Monument restaurant, located within the renowned Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace. With a fervent passion for the art of pastry, Joana captivates guests’ palates with her unique and exquisite creations. Her commitment to combining flavors, textures, and innovative presentations transforms each dish into a truly memorable sensory experience.

José Sá

An ingenious spirit with refined tastes! He embarked on his journey into the world of wines with a project called Wine Tellers, where he aimed to transform how wine was communicated to the youth. He worked as a sommelier at The Yeatman Hotel and Le Monumental Palace, currently leading The Wine School project in the cultural quarter of WOW.

Juan Ángel Rodrigálvez

Juan is a passionate chocolate lover with over 30 years of experience in the pastry world. He was named Best Pastry Chef by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy in 2010 and secured first place in the Rimini Gelato Competition in 2009.

Laurent Rezette

Belgian Laurent Rezette has been living in Salvador for over 20 years, where he is a reference in haute cuisine and holds the title of Ambassador of Belgian Cuisine in Latin America by The MasterCook of Belgium.

Spencer Hyman

Spencer Hyman, co-founder of Cocoa Runners, values everything that Chocolat Festival stands for: the appreciation and encouragement of the economy of small cocoa producers and their derivatives.

Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe

Chocolatier, entrepreneur, artist, teacher, and writer. In 2009, she founded KaKao with the goal of promoting Venezuelan chocolate and encouraging the trade of sweets to transform the reality of cocoa-producing communities.

Chloé Doutre

Trained at CNEARC Montpellier, the Frenchwoman Cholé Doutre Roussel is a member of the Chocolate Academy Council in Ecuador and the United Kingdom.